Cassidy Quinn 2 – Transsexual Gonzo Anal – Release (15.06.2018)

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Title: Cassidy Quinn 2
Models: Cassidy Quinn
Description: You and hot Canadian trans girl Cassidy Quinn are back at her place after your first date, and she confronts you about the elephant in the room. You know she is a special girl, but just how special? She wants to know, have you always fantasized about fucking a girl like her? And just to clear up any confusion you might be having, Cassidy unzips her dress to reveal a crotchless lingerie body suit. Its mesh and lace envelope her long legs and torso, leaving her lady wood completely exposed and at attention! Wouldn’t you like to give it a lick? You’re being such a good boy, and good boys deserve rewards. While you’re down there, be sure to get a taste of her tight pink ass. With her legs spread wide using a leather strap and cuffs, she is under your complete control. She begs for you to fuck her harder and faster, but you deliberately take your time. Trying to entice you further, she spreads her gaping ass hole wide open. Sluts like her love being tied up. Her lady wood is rock hard, and she is ready to get fucked! So she straddles her dildo rocking chair and pretends she is riding your huge member. She moans intensely and even tears up as she bounces up and down on the black toy cock. Are you ready to watch her cum? To watch her eat it all? She strokes her princess dick until she shoots out a healthy serving of trans girl jizz into a tray. Then, as promised, she laps it all up with her pierced lips and tongue.

Format: mp4
Size: 2.2 GB
Duration: 00:23:37
Resolution: 3840×2160
Antivirus status: Safe

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